At PT. Kosong Satu where I serv as Technical Advisor, our awesome developers initiate a daily challenge. The idea is pretty simple, it is daily dead simple technical/programming task which they need to solve for fun within short time frame (minutes) and using any programming language they love most or even a new one they love to dig into.

We’ve been doing this for weeks now, the task sometimes is not practical (i.e. draw chess board matrix, sorting array, prime number etc.) but still fun nonetheless, it gives a room for learning the hard way for every single one of us, it also gives us an insights how deep we understand a programming language, it exercise our logic.

We then go further to benchmark every solution and try to understand why a solution is slower than others and learn from it, we laugh and joke about it. All of them certainly show us that there are many ways to do a thing but most of the time there’s a certain way that better than others.

We’ll continue doing this as we feel the benefits and your team might it too.

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